LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)
LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable) LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable) LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable) LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable) LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable) LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)

LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad (Rechargeable)

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If you are tired of menstrual pain, canceling your outings & activities because of pain & you want a natural solution, without toxic products - Our LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad Are The Perfect Solution For You.

Introducing the LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad, a drug-free period pain solution that actually works.
😊 Relieves menstrual pain
💕 Reduces bloating
 Painless and Non-toxic
👚 Unnoticeable under clothing

LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad will heat the area, the heat relaxes the muscles of the uterus and acts directly on the cramps that cause the pain.

At the same time that the belt heats, it will vibrate very slightly in order to relax the muscles and tissues of the zone.

This process will allow you to relieve pain instantly, reduce cramps and bloating due to menstruation

Simply strap it around your waist, adjust it to fit, and enjoy instant relief. LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad is fully customizable, allowing you to change the level of heat and vibration to whatever fits your needs. 

You can use it at any time of the day, take it everywhere with you.

Saves Money: Ditch the overpriced temporary heat patches and enjoy a long-lasting solution to your cramps.

Natural: No more pills riddled with hidden ingredients and harmful side effects. The relief pad is pain-free.

Travel Friendly: Easily bring and use your heating pad wherever you want on the go.

Loved and trusted worldwide by leading health experts, our relief pad instantly reduces period pain. Thanks to its sleek and comforting design, you can wear your pad all day, even hidden under clothing!


1 x LIVFREE™ Menstrual Relief Pad



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Earnest Okuneva

I'm happy with the belt, but I'm upset with the little pocket to put the battery, it's very very small. I guess I gotta sew one to fit my battery.

I love the fact tha the belt is super thin and so comfortable. It does heat but I don't know if it will work for me and my pain. (I'll leave and additional review)I'm used to high heat, but having this is more convenient , just press on that button and pray for the pain to fade away.

The belt stop heating on the highest heat by itself at 25-30min of use. (Skin burning prevention I guess), press on the button to get it back

measurements = cm.

Girls, take care, you're precious and worthy, don't doubt about it.
Drink a lot of water if you can during your period, it helps, eating bananas, and drink coffee can help too but it depends on body, and rest well.

Take Care❣

Saige Hagenes

This is awesome! I get really bad period cramps and this helps a lot! I use it everytime and helps in my PMS too. Simply magical pad and a must have for woman with painful periods.

Darius Schneider

Excellent pad. Works amazingly well and on top of that has got massage option too. Relieves my pain and helps with my mood.

Jonathan Bergnaum

I have been needing one of these for so long and for a girl who deals with strong menstrual cramps this is a game changer.
Its so nice being able to bring the heat with you when you leave the house!

Marilou Doyle

I've gone through dozens of heating pads over the years and I can honestly say this one is the best. I wish I would've bought one years ago.